Saturday, 19 March 2016



So I finally started to work here in the UK. 
I had done some shifts here, but it wasn't my main job and I didn't really care much about it. 
Now I started to work for a small-ish catering company and have had 2 shifts there and finally feel like I might actually belong here. 

I felt free to talk to a person that I just met. I felt like I could talk about everything and the feeling was just amazing. 
I don't trust people easily, it always takes time and it is a bit difficult at first. But I have found that it is an amazing way to found friends for life. I take my time to get to know them, I trust them step by step and when I trust them, they are here to stay. 

I really hope that the job I have now, provides me with people to trust and claim as my friends. It started out great, so I have really high hopes. 

But we'll see! 


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